Tax Day Looms Large After a Decade of Democratic Tax Increases

SALEM, Ore. – Tax day has become more and more ominous over the last decade, thanks to tax increases passed by the Oregon Democrats.

Earlier this week, inflation reached a four-decade high as prices soared 8.5% on top of Oregon’s extremely high cost of living.

Reports show that Americans will pay $5,200 more this year on things they bought last year because of inflation. Yet, in the last few years, Oregon Democrats have passed massive tax increases – introduced dozens more – and continue to increase the state’s spending.

“The dial has moved one way, and it is making Oregon unaffordable for working families and undermining jobs,” said Senate Republican Leader Tim Knopp (R-Bend). “Inflation is compounding the pain of these tax-and-spend strategies. The majority in Salem has continued to scheme up ways to take Oregonians’ money. Democrats are not satisfied. They have their eye on Oregonians’ Kicker refund and their mortgage interest deduction. This avid desire to take Oregonains’ money is not sustainable.”

In the past few years, Democrats in Salem have pushed through hundreds of millions in new taxes on tobacco, gasoline, health care premiums, small businesses, and a sales tax on businesses operating in Oregon. These new taxes, coupled with overreaching regulation, continue to prop up a bloated government bureaucracy that has shown little in the way of results for Oregonians.

Oregon still has one of the worse homelessness problems in the country. Mental health and addiction treatment are abysmal. Government-run schools continue to lower standards and fail to teach kids the basics to be ready for the workforce.

If states are the laboratories of democracy, Portland is the petri dish of damaging tax policy. Just in the last decade, Portland has passed new tax after new tax, with little to show for it:

  • Portland’s $12 million Arts tax
  • Metro’s near $250 million income tax
  • Portland’s $60 million climate tax
  • Multnomah County’s $100 million pre-school tax

“If history is any guide, Portland liberals will attempt to export these expensive policies to the rest of the state,” Knopp said. “Republicans will introduce meaningful tax relief for consideration in the next legislative session – to make Oregon more affordable and to make our businesses more competitive.”

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