Senate Republicans Propose Rule Change to Remove Masks from Senate Chambers

SALEM, Ore. – Senate Republicans today moved to amend Senate rules to change the masking requirements in the Senate Chamber.

“This body is one of the only legislative bodies in the nation that requires our members to mask while speaking,” said Senate Republican Leader Tim Knopp (R-Bend). “There is no reason for it. The majority kicked out a member last week for something that just 24 hours later the CDC says is not required. I asked them to wait, now the CDC shows exactly why they should have.”

Senate Democrats voted down the rule change along party lines, 9-17. The Senate will remain out of step with CDC guidance until the masking requirement is struck.

The CDC announced Friday it is no longer recommending most Americans wear masks indoors. According to the CDC’s framework, Marion County is considered medium COVID-19 level, making masks optional.

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