issues & transparency

Here’s a rundown of what Senator Anderson believes and what he’s done that will affect us as he works to make the coast a better place.

Issues & Transparency

Police Departments & Second Amendment

Our freedoms are worth standing up for

Issues & Transparency

Housing, Tolls & Roads

make it better without adding to coastal tax burdens

Issues & Transparency

education for our kids

because our kids deserve the state’s funding priority

Issues & Transparency

Taxes And More Taxes

Anderson has never voted to increase taxes

Issues & Transparency

Healthcare for all

It’s time to re-think healthcare and make it better

With Coronavirus, the health care system was pushed to the extreme. We saw that on the coast and now must rethink our health care strategy and systems.
  • Senior facilities need to be upgraded and new policies put into place
  • Access to quality health care up and down the coast need to be a priority
  • Hospitals need more capacity and supported by the state system
  • Open up pathways for health care to cross state lines to drive down insurance cost
  • Expand health savings accounts for Oregonians to write off health care expenses
FACT: While serving on the North Lincoln Health District Board, Dick helped partner with Samaritan Health Services to bring a new $45 million hospital to Lincoln City without any new taxes levied to the citizens.

Issues & Transparency

Ending one party control

other politicians side with portland agendas. Anderson won’t.