EQUITABLE OREGON: Senate Republicans Roll Out 2023 Session Agenda

SALEM, Ore. – Earlier today, the Senate Republican leadership team held a press conference outlining their Equitable Oregon Agenda. You can watch the video recording here.

It is important for [our Caucus] that all citizens of Oregon are heard and listened to,” said Senate Republican Leader Tim Knopp (R-Bend). “…We’re not here to burn bridges – we’re here to build them. That is what this Session is about for us: making sure we can build a bridge to a better future and an equitable Oregon.”

Equitable Oregon focuses on:

Saving Oregonians from Rising Inflation & Increased Cost of Living
• Return the Kicker as a check, returning $5,200 per household on average – LC
• Freeze property taxes for Oregon seniors 67+ for primary residence – SJR 17
• Raise CAT tax coverage threshold to $5 million – SB 127
• Additional exemption against Oregon estate tax – SB 68
• Urge balanced budget amendment to United States Constitution – SJM 1
• Create a business-friendly environment to attract semiconductor industry, creating high paying family wage jobs

Human Dignity in Housing & Homelessness
• Support housing development goal of 36,000 units yearly
• Tax deduction for renting room(s) in taxpayer’s primary residence – HB 3032
• Allow local governments to amend urban growth boundaries to include lands to
be used for needed housing – SB 656
• Financing for infrastructure/predevelopment costs for moderate income housing – SB 534
• Expand affordability for Oregon renters with additional tax incentives – SB 435
• Ensure funding for mental health services are being disbursed effectively – SB 300
• Recriminalize possession/distribution of hard drugs i.e. Fentanyl – SB 735

Promoting Freedom & Prosperity for All Oregonians
• Require approval by majority of Senate of any reprieve, commutation, or pardon – SJR 11
• Durational limitations on declarations of emergency by Governor – SJR 14
• Require all executive clemency actions by Governor be initiated by application
and follow specific procedures – SB 667
• Impeachment process for statewide elected executive branch officials – SJR 13
• State employees cannot be reimbursed for travel to/from Oregon when living
outside of Oregon – LC 3697
• Protect free and fair elections

Modernizing Oregon’s Education System, Empowering Parents & Students
• Increase virtual public charter school cap to 5% – SB 707
• Allow students to enroll in any public school – SB 259
• Curriculum transparency – HB 2628
• Nontraditional pathways to licensure for prospective career and technical
education teachers – SB 677
• Pilot program to provide funding to school districts to increase access to schools
by homeless students and improving academic achievement – SB 658

Reducing Violent Crime Threatening Our Communities
• Support Oregonians’ 2nd Amendment rights
• Increase funding for school resource officers – SB 639, HB 2223
• Reclassify crime of Violent Felon in Possession of a Firearm as crime category 8 – SB 650
• Create crime of threatening to commit a terroristic act – SB 664
• Create crime of controlled substances homicide – SB 649
• Stricter sentencing for criminals whose assault causes life changing injury – SB 430
• Increase statute of limitations for rape crime to 20 years – LC 3892

Protecting Oregon’s Farms, Fisheries, & Forests
• $50 million to Dept. of Forestry for increased forest managing operations in specified wildfire-prone counties – SB 653
• Require State Forester to actively manage state forestlands to achieve/maintain low forest fuel load levels – SB 665
• Study rate impacts of implementing reduction of greenhouse gas emissions required by House Bill 2021 (2021) – SB 681
• Protect natural gas use in new or existing residential or commercial buildings – SB 647
• Remove requirement that State Forestry Department oversee development of statewide map of wildfire risk – SB 654
• Federal agencies to better prevent, mitigate, and suppress wildfires – SJM 3
• Ensure offshore wind energy development goes to local and regional communities while promoting electric grid reliability and resilience – SB 678
• Include forest land sequestration in greenhouse gas emissions calculations – SB 724
• Prioritize Oregon made/grown products, minimizing carbon footprint

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